Headaches in Flower Mound, TX

Because headaches can be a symptom of TMD and/or sleep apnea, at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of North Texas, we perform a complete evaluation to determine the root cause of the patients’ headaches.

The American Headache Society classifies headaches into three main groups:
1. Primary Headaches (majority of people experience these headaches)– Tension type, Migraine type, Cluster type
2. Secondary Headaches (less than 10% of headaches)—caused by medical conditions such as bleeding in the brain, tumor etc. We do not treat these types of headaches.
3. Facial Pain, Cranial Neuralgias, and other headaches.

Tension Headaches:

A tension headache is generally a mild to moderate pain in your head (front or back) that can affect the top of your skull down to your neck. Patients who clench or grind their teeth may become aware that they suffer from tension headaches but don’t recognize their jaw pain.

Other Headaches:

Headaches can be directly linked to sleep disorders. Morning headaches upon awakening can be a clear symptom of this. Sleep apnea occurs when the oxygen levels decrease due to irregular breathing caused by OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). Air is then trapped and becomes built up in the lungs and recycles to the bloodstream. When there is a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, it can negatively affect the brain and cause sleep disordered headaches.

Sinuses and allergies can aggravate TMJ symptoms. Sinus congestion can put pressure on the facial structure and TMJ which can sometimes cause mouth breathing. Mouth breathing can lead to protentional jaw issues and soreness.

To get a full view of the entire head, we use the i-CAT FLX V-Series, a full 3D scan, with PureScan™. TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of North Texas is equipped with state-of-the-art office technology that can examine the jaw joints, airways, and sinuses to provide the correct diagnosis of the root cause of your problem.