Fighting pain in your jaw?


Take the quiz to see if you may be suffering from a TMJ disorder.

Jaw pain, neck pain, headaches, earaches﹘ these are just some of the symptoms associated with TMJ disorders. Sometimes these symptoms can be near-constant, interfering with your daily life and general happiness.

Your jaw joint is complex, and many doctors aren’t knowledgeable when it comes to how it works and its connection to the rest of your body. This results in patients being referred from doctor to doctor without any real answers or relief for their pain.

Dr. Shab Krish understands this struggle all too well. Her own experience dealing with chronic pain is what inspired her to exclusively treat patients with TMJ and sleep disorders. She is passionate about helping people get their lives back by finding the true cause of their painful symptoms and creating treatment plans that provide lasting results.

We’ve created a quiz to help you discover whether TMJ disorder might be the cause of your jaw pain. Simply answer the following questions, and get your results immediately!

TMD Pain Quiz